70s Fashion: The Best Flares, Printed Blouses And Sunglasses To Buy

The 70sA huge decade was had fashionWhere are there many? new trends were born. From Farrah FawcettBianca Jagger to Princess DianaIman, supermodel Iman There were many style icons in that era, but it was also a time when fashionMusic was so strongly associated with it. Glastonbury Festival began in 1970 and Woodstock Festival was held 1969. The likes of Cher, David Bowie and Cher greatly influenced popular culture and setting. fashionTrends

What was so fascinating about this? 70sThe truth is that there wasn’t one defining style for an era. There were many. trendsArtistic aesthetics that influenced the sartorial landscape throughout the decade.

It was a time of freedom, connection to nature, and it showed through the fashionTrends that feature neutral colours, earthy tones, or natural looks are very popular.

But there was a side to the story. 70sIt was all about disco and bright colours. fashionMoments, glamour. The disco queen Diana Ross brought us many amazing looks in this decade. Wearing multiple patterns or sequins in the same outfit outfitThey are popular, along with knitwear with flared sleeves and knitwear & crotchetPsychedelic, floral, and psychedelic prints, jeans, patchwork, bralettes, and boots.

DIY was also popular. People would make their clothes from scratch or upcycle old clothes to create their own wardrobe. This sustainable approach is definitely gaining popularity today.

We are seeing a return of so many trends and aesthetics that were in the past. 70s2021. Many people feel closer to the natural world, but others love the glamour and style of disco.

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