35 Best Valentine’s Day Gifts for Kids

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When it comes to Valentine’s Day, sometimes kids put in a lot of work for their classmates. They set out to make DIY Valentine’s Day cards (complete with Valentine’s Day mailboxes to put them in), create their own Valentine’s Day crafts for loved ones and even compete in Valentine’s Day games. So, when they get home, they definitely deserve a little something of their own for all their effort! These Valentine gifts for kids will totally show kids how special you think they are, and there’s nary a heart-shaped box of chocolate in sight.

These gifts run the gamut. Some kids love Valentine’s Day, and want everything to be red and pink and festooned with hearts. Others are more reluctant, and would rather keep the lovey-dovey message on the subtler — maybe even nonexistent? — side. We have suggestions for every type of kid, culled from Good Housekeeping’s favorite toys and gifts (including some 2021 Good Housekeeping Toy Award winners), editor’s faves, best-sellers and trending items. And don’t miss even more Valentine’s Day ideas and suggestions: We’ve got Valentine’s Day gifts for toddlers, Valentine’s Day gifts for boys and Valentine’s Day gifts for teachers too.

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Trendy Valentine’s Day Toy for Kids

Heart Pop Fidget Toys

Pop fidget toys are a major trend this year because kids love trading them, collecting them and popping the bubbles mindlessly. This pack comes with three heart-shaped poppers of different colors, and the bubbles also have letters on them if the kids feel like popping out messages to each other. Ages 3+

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I Heart U SCENTsory Putty

Not only does this putty provide all of the squishy, stretchy fun of regular putty, it smells like chocolate-covered strawberries. Kids can play with it all February 14, and it won’t dry out. Ages 3+

For Family Matching

Rainbow Heart PJs

Valentine’s Day is almost synonymous with Primary’s rainbow-heart PJs. The tops and bottoms are sold separately, and you can also get them in a footie PJ for the littles. In the Heart Shop, you can find PJs in blue, red or green, too. Available in sizes newborn – 14

After watching the new Paw Patrol movie last summer, your kids might be more over-the-moon about the pups than ever. Give them a Valentine greeting from extra-cute plush versions of Marshall or Chase. Ages 3+

What I Love About Being Your Mom

Add your own notes to this fill-in-the-blank book for a sweet gift that kid can look back on for years to come. This one-of-a-kind gift can only come from the person who knows your kids best — you. (Dad, too.)

Gold Glitter Heart Locket

Forget wearing their heart on their sleeves — they should wear it around their necks! This sparkly heart locket features gold-tone chain features, a “love” charm and a faux turquoise gemstone charm. No age recommendation given

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Best Edible Valentine’s Day Treat

Chocolate Covered OREO Cookies

Okay, so you didn’t DIY these heart-decorated, chocolate-covered Oreos — but we’ll never tell. They’ll be gobbled up before anyone has a chance to ask. No age recommendation given

Squishville by Squishmallows

These mini Squishville characters have all of the soft, squeeziness kids love in Squishmallows, but are small enough for tiny hands to use as play characters. This set, in Valentine-appropriate colors, comes with Maribel the butterfly and Willow the pegasus, plus two vehicles for them to use: a plane and a carriage. Ages 0+

Rainbow Heart Stacking Crayons

Each of these 12 colors comes sharpened to a small point, which makes fine lines when drawing — and lets the crayons connect to each other so you can make one, long stack out of them. (Sold out at Paper Source? Try Eugene Toy and Hobby or HWE Stationery Ltd.) Ages 3+

Tea Collection

They can wear these adorable heart-print leggings under a dress or with a favorite tee-shirt. And, since they don’t scream “Valentine’s Day,” you can get more than one wear out them. Available in sizes 2 – 12

Personalized Valentine Gift for Kids

Personalized Valentine Stuffed Animal

With their name embroidered on their new animal friends, your kids will know these stuffies’ hearts belong to only them. No age recommendation given

Handbags and other stylish items are the newest tiny offerings to be included in the 5 Surprise Mini Brand balls. Kid can collect 11 different types of purses, which also come with a functioning makeup compact and a fun pet friend. Ages 3+

Happy Valentine’s Day, Mouse!

If you give a kid a board book with his favorite mouse for Valentine’s Day, chances are, he’s going to ask for a hug. Ages 0+

This unicorn has it all: shimmery sparkles, a rainbow mane, a silvery horn and a show-white coat. And it has all of the detail and durability parents expect from Schleich figures, too. Ages 5+

Best Valentine’s Day Gift for Big Kids

Valentine’s Day Mad Libs

Mad Libs are still as funny and silly as they were when you were a kid. They’re the perfect activity to play with someone who isn’t into all the mushiness of the holiday. Ages 8+

Snoopy and Woodstock Hug Tee

Janie and Jack

Snoopy is welcome in all seasons, especially when he’s with his BFF, Woodstock. The two of them make for a Valentine’s Day outfit that’s not too over-the-top. Available in sizes 6m – 12

Creative Gift for Kids

Valentine’s Craft Collection

Make all different kinds of love notes and other creations with this art kit, which comes packed with craft supplies: pipe cleaners, paper doilies, foil paper, googly eyes, felt and foam hearts and so much more. Let their creativity run wild! Ages 6+

2021 Good Housekeeping Toy Award Winner

Baby Krishna

Modi Toys

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Krishna is the Hindu god of love, and this 6″ Krishna plush comes with a velcro strap to easily attach it to a stroller or play area. It also sings five mantras when you press its belly! Ages 1+

Chocolate Game Controller

They’ll love this chocolate controller — that is if they can actually put down the real thing long enough to enjoy it. All told, this gift offers 70 grams of chocolate goodness. No age recommendation given

2021 Good Housekeeping Toy Award Winner

Togetherness Bear

This Care Bear celebrates loving everyone for the unique person they are. Because of the colors swirls, no two are exactly the same, just like no two people are exactly the same. Ages 4+

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All the crayon pals from The Day the Crayons Quit return to show how all the colors come together to express the many version of love. One example: “Love is yellow and orange, because love is sunny and warm.” Ages 5+

Reversible Octopus Plushie

Be careful: This octopus may look cute and happy, but get it angry — and flip it inside-out — and it becomes a mean-faced cephalopod! It even has a heart on its happy head, and a broken heart on its mad one, so you can always tell its mood. Ages 3+

How do you know these dinos have a wild side? They have a toxic glow! They also respond to the world around them, reacting to touch, motion and sound with either growls and roars or nuzzles and purrs (or, sometimes, radioactive gas). Ages 5+

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With socks this cool, they’ll want to wear them year-round. Two pairs come in each set, so you can choose either the pink/green combo or the orange/blue one. Available in sizes 2 – 8

‘Loved’ Family Matching PJs

Here’s a gift that the whole family can enjoy together: These comfy PJs, made from organic cotton, say “loved” in a rainbow of colors. They’re available in sizes for baby, kids, women and men, in both shorts and long PJs. Available in sizes newborn+


Whoopee Cushions

Fun Express

So, you know they’re is not into lovey-dovey, mushy stuff of any kind. These whoopee cushions will earn you cool points. Maybe even a smile! Maybe. Ages 3+

Best Valentine’s Day Gift for Toddlers

Play Doh Valentines 15 Can Bag

Let them sit around the table and get creative with Play-Doh in Valentine’s Day shades of red, pink and white. You get 15 containers of Play-Doh in all. Ages 2+

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Tie dye is huge, and if your kid is a fan, they can wear it from head to toe with this set. It comes in six different color combos up to size 6T. Pick up one of Rah Love’s “Love Always” t-shirts to go with the pants, and you can get two looks into one V-Day gift. Available in sizes 12m – 6T

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In this insanely cute board book, little lovey-dovey slogans like, “You are the apple of my eye,” are paired with the most adorable illustrations. Immediate smiles ensue. Ages 0+

T-shirt With Heart Pocket

This sweet shirt is the perfect thing to wear to the class party — it’s thematic without going overboard with hearts. It also comes in six colors, including gray, mint green, lilac, white (good for tie-dying) and navy blue, so you can grab one in their favorite shades. Available in sizes 2 – 16

S.W.A.K. Kissable Key Chain

Give them a kiss they can take with them! These groovy lips are cute keychains in different colors and patterns, but if you hold one up to your cheek, it makes a kissing noise! The longer you keep it there, the longer the kiss lasts. Ages 5+

Joyful Carousel Jigsaw Puzzle

Kids will love spreading this out across a big area of the floor or table — the 24-piece puzzle is 11″ x 17″. And the carousel motif may have them thinking of warmer weather, too. Ages 3+

Pink Heart Chalkboard T-Shirt Kit

Kids can add a personal touch to their Valentine’s Day outfit with this shirt, which comes with a chalkboard heart and stencils to help make a design. (It also comes in long sleeves.) After February 14, they can wipe off their design with a wet cloth and make something new. Ages 4+

DNA Love Stainless Steel Necklace

This necklace is the perfect blend of emotions and science — a DNA strand twisted into a shape of a heart! Give it to your STEM fiend, and they’ll remember that, like DNA, they’re one-of-a-kind.

Royalty Crowned Crew-Neck T-Shirt

They’ll always know the ruler of your heart with this crown toddler t-shirt. It comes in navy blue and gray. Available in sizes 2T – 5

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