26 Valentine’s Day Beauty Gifts That Are Better Than Flowers

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Let’s review some of the Valentine’s Day gifts my boyfriend has given me over the years: Nothing (boo), jewelry (yay!), dinner (yum), and a massage (king). Is it unfair to him that he is hit with three back-to-back holidays that require giving me a present? Sure! But if only he knew that the best gift he could get me is small, relatively inexpensive, and guaranteed to make me jump up and down with joy. What is that magical gift, you ask? Simple. Beauty products.

Whether you’re partnered up, in love with yourself, dating around, or happily spending Valentine’s Day with your friends, there’s nothing like new makeup, skincare, or even hair tool to make the holiday special. Sure, you could give someone a new face cream and call it a day. But instead of that, why not fully embrace the love fest and get something timely and, preferably, themed? Whether you want a perfume that smells like a floral arrangement, some bath salts that guarantee a relaxing time, or a beautiful hand sanitizer to keep yourself safe, here are 26 beauty gifts you can get that special someone in your life.

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Cheeky Rose Cream Blush

What’s the source of that rosy glow on your cheeks? Is it a late-night tryst, a few extra endorphins? Or maybe it’s this super creamy blush that gives you a flush straight out of a Disney movie?


Rose Eye Makeup Brush Set

Combine two great gifts into one: Roses and makeup brushes. The five-piece set is giving Beauty and the Beast vibes, but with more emphasis on beauty.

This lipstick effortlessly delivers a soft, plumped look to your lips. It’s the perfect accessory to wear on a date, or when you’re taking selfies to update your dating profile.


Heart Melter Lip Gloss Stick

If your lips need a little plumping, these heart-shaped gloss sticks will get it done. They’re so easy to throw in an overnight bag, so in the morning you can re-apply and say, “I woke up like this.”


Orgasm Glow Travel Size Set

This travel-sized blush kit is the definition of aspirational. Whether you prefer a cream finish or a classic powder (Is this a euphemism? I’m honestly not sure), you can rock NARS’s favorite blush any way that you like.

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V-Day is the perfect time to show a little skin. But who has glistening, mini-skirt-ready legs in February? The fastest fix is this ultra-hydrating, subtly glittery body oil.

If your goal for the night is to get into some close-contact cuddling, smelling good is a must. Not only is this lip-laden bottle already in the mood, but with notes of tangerine, rose, and sandalwood, your date will be too.

You’ve scrubbed, buffed, and polished every inch of your body, but what about your face? A nice, gentle blend of AHAs and niacinamide will get you even, smooth skin that’s perfectly peckable.

An unexpected visitor in the form of a new romantic partner is fun. In the form of a pimple? Not so much. But these candy heart-inspired acne patches make sure your flare-up doesn’t ruin your plans. Not only will they help shrink and soothe a pimple, but they’re cute enough to wear on a date if you dare.

If your V-Day plans involve inviting a special someone into your space, it’s best to make sure the scent is mood-boosting, not, well, icky. This diffuser is both effective and gorgeous, making sure your apartment smells more like a spa, and less like last night’s takeout. Pop in the Mixed Feelings essential oil blend which has feminine and masculine notes of bay laurel, cardamom, and ginger.


Eye Pods Eyeshadow Trio

Whether your seduction technique is fiery, sweet, or casual, these heart-stamped eyeshadows can achieve a makeup look to match.


Pout Perfecting Lip Mask

Prep those lips for puckering with these kiss-shaped lip sheet masks that give you all the nourishment you need for a smooth make-out sesh.


Rose Above It Pearlescent CBD Bath Soak

You know what’s not sexy? Stress. This CBD-infused bath soak will help melt away all those worries–while also leaving your skin soft and supple.


Slow Burn Scented Candle

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Boy Smells x Kacey Musgraves

Kasey Musgraves on the speaker, Kasey Musgraves in the air. This collab between the singer and Boy Smells candles will definitely set the mood.


Refined Sugar Body Mist

Who knows which parts of you will be seen (or smelled) this Valentine’s Day? To cover all your bases, spray this vanilla and amber-scented body mist from head to toe.


Refillable Pocket Hand Sanitizer

In this day and age, the must-haves in a date night kit require much more than a sneaky pack of makeup removers and breath mints. Don’t so much as shake a hand without liberally applying this purse-sized, germ-killing hand sanitizer.


Tinted Cheek & Lip Stain

Am I flushed from your sweet-talking or is it just my subtle blush? This fan-favorite lip and cheek stain is the only product you need on your face. Plus, it’ll last through all of your night’s festivities so you don’t need to worry about re-applying.

Hello, inspiration. This body-shaped candle is not only a chic desk accessory (it comes in seven colors), but it also sets the mood for what’s to come.

We all want to be as smooth as a baby seal, so slough away off all that dead skin with this mesh washcloth. Then show off your smooth skin in a mesh dress, because if Valentine’s Day isn’t the time to wear something sheer, then when is?

Step 1: Light the unscented candle and bask in the soothing mood it sets. Step 2: Pour the melted oil onto your body and demand a sensual back-rub from your eager partner.


Eau Rose Eau de Parfum

A bouquet of roses is predictable. On the other hand, an intense, rose-scented bottle of perfume from Diptyque is fab. Who needs wilting flowers when you can smell just like the real thing for months, or years?

If you’re lucky enough to have a bathtub that fits more than just you, this is the perfect tub-adjacent addition. On one side is relaxing lavender fizz and on the other is an invigorating orange soak. If you have a preference between the two bath salts, claim it. Or just have fun mixing the two.

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Flower Pots Powder Blush

A bunch of flowers may spark joy for a week, tops. But this flower-stamped blush will give you a similar rosy glow for much, much longer.


Lost Cherry Eau de Parfum

It might not be prom night, but a spritz of Lost Cherry is never a bad addition to an evening. Far from innocent, notes of black cherry, liqueur, almond, and hints of Turkish rose, make for a super sensual and deep combination that adds an air of mystery to whoever wears it.


Rose Sparkle GLOSS Ultra Shine Gel Palette Nail Strips

You never know if tonight is going to be the night where you’re suddenly going to have a new sparkling accessory. If a ring is in the plans, your nails have to be prepped at all times. These easy-to-apply gel strips will hold up for two weeks.

Don’t sleep on the practical gifts for V-day. This rose gold beauty will keep your smile bright and kiss-ready. Plus, it comes with a travel case and the battery lasts for a whole month on a single charge—just in case your date night turns into a date week or more. 

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