10 ‘Sex And The City’ ’90s Outfits That I Still Think About Today

Fans wait impatiently for the next chapter in Sex and the City’s upcoming series. AndJust like That…, it’s tempting to reacquaint yourself with all the stellar fashionFrom the original. All four of the besties — Carrie Bradshaw, Miranda Hobbes, Charlotte York, and Samantha Jones, the latter who won’t be returning — were known to pull out all the stops when it comes to their looks. Each had their own unique style. Charlotte was the Upper East Side princess wearing Kate Spade, A line dresses and casual preppy style; Miranda was the stylish power dresser who adored suits, pencil skirts and structured tops. Samantha took a glamorous approach to sequin dresses, mini-skirts and plunging necklines. AndCarrie was the most daring of the three. She would wear anything from birds on her head to a belt around her naked torso.

Patricia Fields was the genius behind the look in the OG series. However, she will not return to the re-boot due a scheduling conflict. AndWhile she was able to hit all the major trends with fervor, she also created some new trends. The proof is in the thousands of New York women who flock to their local department store to purchase Manolo Blahniks.

There are many options for overalls and slip dresses, print mixing and tube tops. 10 outfits from Sex and the City that you’ll never stop thinking about.



Carrie’s Tutu Skirt

Courtesy HBO

You can’t talk about iconic Sex and the City looks without starting with Carrie’s tutu from the opening credits. It’s paired with a ribbed tank, strappy sandals and Carrie’s tutu. fashionThe aesthetic will last for many decades.

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Samantha’s Slip Dress

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The ‘90s were all about the slip dress, and Samantha’The LRD ticks all the boxes. It’s slim, bright red, and boasts not only spaghetti straps, but also a slight cowl neckline. This was Samantha’s perfect look for a date night, and it was also worn by almost all the main characters of the show in some form or another.



Carrie’s Sparkle Tube Top

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Carrie’s style on Sex and the City is basically summed up in this perfect sparkly tube top. It’s effortless but — by way of sequins — it has that bit of edge that makes it stand out. As she’s been known to break sartorial rules, there’s no surprise that Carrie wears it during the day, either.



Charlotte’s Pink Shearling Jacket

Courtesy HBO

Though Charlotte’s look is normally that of a lady who lunches, you can’t forget about the time that she wore a mini skirt, knee high boots, and that iconic ‘90s trend of a colorful shearling jacket. It was, even if for a moment, a little bit of a Carrie influence in a Charlotte world.


Carrie’Strapless Dress

Getty Images/Hulton Archive/Getty Images

Carrie wore a strapless strapless red and black floral strapless gown for date night with Mr. Big. It was short and narrow, with a lace overlay, but Carrie loved the simplicity of this look.



Miranda’s Overalls

Courtesy HBO

Miranda was most often seen wearing a power suit but her off-duty overalls are a timeless look. The oversized look she wore was completed with a T-shirt and puffer over it. It felt very authentic. ‘90s.

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Carrie’s Dior Saddle Bag

Getty Images/Hulton Archive/Getty Images

Carrie’s baguette bag collection is epic, and a mainstay of the mid-to-late ‘90s and then some. This particular bag is so memorable because of the scarf print and, of course, the way that she wears it with the strap bunched up at the top, tucked under her arm like a chic oversized clutch.


Samantha’a Half Turtleneck

Courtesy HBO

The ‘90s were all about odd cutouts and this look on Samantha was a major trend of the era. Not only did it have an open chest, but it was a ribbed knit, a popular fabric treatment at the time.


Carrie’Mixing Prints

Tom Kingston/WireImage/Getty Images

There’s nothing like a ‘90sCarrie wore a mix of prints with ease, a look she has always worn. Here, she went for two bold yet complementary prints and finished the look off with two other ‘90sFavorite: Strappy, high-heeled sandals and a slightly cropped, baby tee.



All Sheer Everything

Courtesy HBO

On a visit to the Playboy mansion, all four ladies certainly dress the part, leaning into the ‘90sThis is sheer trend at its best. Charlotte opts for a decade-appropriate cropped swimsuit top and sarong. The other three choose dresses that are so sheer they leave little room for imagination.

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