10 Harsh Realities Of Being A Member Of The Prince Yuki Fan Club

In addition to his cherished status in his family for being possessed by the Rat of the Zodiac, Yuki Sohma of Fruits Basket is also popular among his high school peers for his physical attractiveness, his charisma, and his talents. Yuki is so admired that he is even given the title of “Prince” and has his own fan club of teenage girls who love him and worship him.


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The club is exceedingly strict about certain rules and regulations, all of which are supposedly intended to keep the girls’ feelings in line and keep Yuki from harm. However, as the narrative shows, such a club also has its drawbacks.

10 Members Never Actually Grow Close To Him

yuki's fan club watches him

To prevent club members from trying to one-up each other for Yuki, members are forbidden from approaching him alone or dating him. They must always be in the company of at least two other club members to prevent an advantage in growing close to him and to allow equality for the other members.

The problem with this is that none of the members can actually forge any kind of organic connection with him, especially since there are rules regulating what is said. Their sole defining feature when they do speak to Yuki is their intense adoration for him. This prevents either party from getting to know the other.

9 The Club Isolates Him Even More

Yuki sad, Fruits Basket

The fan club members believe all the hype about Yuki and also add to it themselves, maintaining his school reputation. However, this hurts Yuki in the long run. Though he has admirers at school, he has no true connections until Tohru befriends him.

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The fan club keeps people away from him with their obstructive behavior and they intimidate people by propping up his perfect persona. Since the club itself is built on keeping him at a distance while they love him, Yuki is lonelier than ever since no one can even approach him. This changes with Tohru’s friendship since she interacts with him and Yuki manages to open up.

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8 Envy And Jealousy Are Common Factors

Yuki's' fan club interrogate Tohru over Yuki

Though the club rules are seemingly meant to create an equal field for all of Yuki’s admirers, insight into their reasoning boils down to “if I can’t have him, they can’t either.” The club members’ motivations often stem from the fear that another girl will steal Yuki’s affections first, which undermines any attempt at formulating good reasons for having the club, shaky as they were already.

Though the members cooperate, this shows their actual disdain for each other. Motoko Minagawa even acknowledges that she views them all negatively. However, she views herself even more negatively out of fear that Yuki will not like her, showing low self-esteem may be a common reality too.

7 Yuki Shows No Actual Interest

Yuki surrounded by fan girls

While the club members are devoted to Yuki, or their ideal of him, Yuki seems pleasantly indifferent to them. He is polite and kind to them, but their regulations keep them distanced and Yuki’s past and supernatural nature make him guarded in casual social interactions. He also knows of their excessive adulation toward him which he likely finds off-putting as well.

It is never shown getting to this point, but Megumi Hanajima warns the club members that their attempts to control his love life, in addition to not being a sign of actual love, will lead Yuki to resent them in the end.

6 The Club Does Not Take Yuki’s Growth Or Individuality Into Account

yuki sohma blushes

Since the members are obsessed with Yuki’s glamourized and aloof image as a “Prince,” they are taken aback whenever he shows characteristics that do not match. When Motoko awkwardly questions Yuki about his breakfast that morning, she is weirded out by his choices. This shows they do not know Yuki at all and the image they adore is false and misleading to his actual character.

They also fixate on Yuki as an objective point of their ideology but they never consider him as a person who’s growing up alongside them. Yuki will eventually graduate and leave, meaning younger members will have nothing to do even though they look forward to leading the club.

5 Yuki Is Treated More Like An Object And Invasiveness Is Normalized

yuki's fan club plans to enter locked door

The rules in place for the club fail to take into account what Yuki may like or want. In their so-called attempt to distance Yuki from harm, the club puts him on a pedestal while presumptuously making decisions about his life that they have no right to, such as who he comes in contact with. This even extends to trying to dictate against official school regulations and higher-ups.

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When decisions are being made for the next year’s student council, the fan club attempts to extract information about the new candidates’ identities. They are intent on learning whether any girls will be working closely with Yuki next year.

4 The Members Focus More On Yuki Than Themselves

Yuki as how the fan club members imagine him

Being an active admirer of Yuki Sohma seems to be a full-time job. The viewers rarely see the club members in any other context besides their worshipful mode towards Yuki. Motoko is even shown in her bedroom at night extolling Yuki’s praises over his photo while her mother demands that she sleep.

When voting on casting Cinderella, the members are more focused on keeping Tohru away from Yuki instead of putting on the best possible show for their class exhibition. If what is omitted from being shown in the members’ everyday lives implies anything, it is that belonging to such an obsessive group is more harmful than helpful in their daily lives.

3 Bullying Is A Common Tactic

The fan club members’ intense adoration of their idol leads them to participate in nasty behavior toward other girls who they think are getting too close to Yuki. When Tohru walks into school alongside Yuki, she is immediately accosted by the members who interrogate her over the meaning behind her close proximity to Yuki, as if there is something wrong with it.

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At another point in time, the fan club members belittle Machi for daring to say that she does not find Yuki to be very prince-like at all. This implies that, though they prohibit other girls from getting close to him, they will also attack ones who disagree with their romanticization of him.

2 Their Obsession Drives Them To Frightening Extremes

Yuki's fan club try to find Hanajima's weakness

Dismayed at Yuki’s growing friendship with Tohru Honda and her positive influence on him, the club members scheme to target Tohru and remove her from the picture completely. Since Tohru is protected by her best friend Saki Hanajima (who possesses psychic abilities), the members fabricate a reason to visit her house after school and find a weakness that will let them get around her first.

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This is not the only time their obsession with Yuki makes them commit extreme tactics. The members also stow their gifts of Valentine’s Day chocolate into Yuki’s locker and trash the gifts from other girls so their own will receive more attention from him.

1 There Can Be Growth But If Only The Person Is Willing

motoko confesses her feelings to yuki

Despite the club’s questionable objectives, its members are teenagers who are capable of learning lessons. Motoko Minagawa is one example. Initially the club’s President, she undergoes some development and realizes that her dislike for other girls reflects her own inferiority complex.

By the time she graduates, Motoko finds the courage to confess her feelings to Yuki. However, she does so without any obligation for him to like her. Rather, she only wants to thank him for the joy he brought her and wish him well in his future before she moves on with her life, a much healthier and wholesome approach to a crush.

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